Pine needles honey syrup  

pine syrup
Are you suffering from frequent sore throat or asthma? The solution lies in the pine needle honey syrup Pine needles honey syrup   If you look into your grandmother’s old…

Modern medicine and Apitherapy

Modern medicine and Apitherapy It is well known that honey heals. But did you hear about the term apitherapy? It is a procedure for treating health problems with bee products…

Honey and garlic

The combination of garlic and honey is perfect for preventing a cold and for regulating overweight In these dark, rainy and chilly days, when our organism is susceptible to colds…

Perga – “Bee Bread”

Perga – “Bee Bread” We all love honey and know how good it is for our health. Whenever we have a sore throat we reach out for propolis, and when…

20 health problems soothed by honey

Since the discovery of honey, humans have recognized that golden liquid as a cure. Honey was used to combat many diseases since the dawn of western civilization, in places like…

Honey pie

Honey pie is a constant in our family, especially around Christmas time. Mom’s old recipe, unique by itself, is a guarantee of a light, eye catching and crumbly pie. Pie…


Our mother’s old recipe for gingerbread is the highly appraised and long lasting recipe that we have shared with hundreds of those who tried our gingerbread. Brightly coloured, light and…

What should you know about honey?

Honey is used in gastronomy in many ways as an irreplaceable natural sweetener to different meals, sauces and cakes. Honey is the basic part of many cookbooks around the world…

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