Different types of honey and their health benefits

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Honey is one of the sweeteners and natural remedies that almost every household uses. Although most commonly used as a tea sweetener, many people use it throughout the year to strengthen their immunity, maintain vitality and as natural cosmetics.

How do you choose the type of honey you will buy? Do you use specific honey when it comes to cough or gastric problems and immunity?

All types of honey are healing

When buying a honey, people spend a lot of time in front of the store shelves or a booth at the market, doubting which honey to choose. They cannot decide which type of honey they prefer or type of honey that could improve their health problems.

Yes, it’s truth! There are many types of honey and each of them is healing. Each pure honey is rich in vitamins, amino acids and nutrients that have a positive effect on your health. What do we mean by pure honey? Pure honey is the natural one, not mixed with sugar, artificial sweeteners or other harmful substances. Such industrial honey jars are mostly made by large manufactures, in the fast production process, where they mix honey with different artificial ingredients.

Hoping to find the pure natural honey, more and more people are choosing to buy honey from Family Beekeeping like ours.

Still, it’s not the end of story, we also have a diverse offer of honey and again you will come to the situation to spend hours and hours doubting which kind of honey to buy.

So here’s a small guide, to help you, get to know the most popular types of honey, which will make it easier for you to choose the honey jar that suits you most.

1. Flower Honey – to boost immunity and against cold and flu

Flower honey or, as some people call it, meadow honey reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels by as much as seven percent. It comes from several types of spring flowers such as dandelion, cherry, plum, apple and other meadow and field flowers.

It has a mild flavor and is rich in antioxidants, which is why it is recommended for boosting immunity, helps in recovering after illness and with seasonal allergies.

It is always better to take flower honey from your environment, and our honey is among the best quality honeys on the market. It is a world known product that received most prestigious quality rewards. Our bees collect it on several locations in eastern Croatia – from Kopački rit to Posavina meadows and the slopes of Dilja and Papuk, so you can be sure that you consume the pure honey.

2. Acacia honey – removes stress and is excellent for airway problems

The acacia honey is characterized by light yellow color and a mild flavor. It suits most people and because of its light aroma it is the most widely used type of honey. Because of its sedative effect, acacia honey helps with insomnia, soothes the irritated nervous system and eliminates the consequences of accumulated stress.

It is highly recommended as a remedy for bronchitis and is excellent for respiratory tract and cough relief.

3. Honeydew honey – forest honey for digestive problems, anemic persons and diabetics

Our champion Honeydew honey called also forest honey is one of the most appreciated honeys in Croatia. It is special because it is not a product of flower nectars, but comes from honeydew. Under certain weather conditions tiny insects eat leaves, leaving sweet herbal juices on leaves which is the honeydew.

Honeydew honey is much darker, has a slightly bitter aftertaste, more intense scent and contains less acid than a flower honey. Since it is 13 times richer with minerals, amino acids and oligosaccharides probiotics than a flower honey, it is often recommended for digestive disorders.

Because of the high iron content, it is recommended for anemic persons and for recovery after severe illnesses and surgeries. Because it is rich in mineral salts and contains a small amount of sugar, it is often recommended for diabetics and athletes.

4. Chestnut honey – for clean teeth and blood vessels

Chestnut honey has specific red-brown color. Its specific, has a strong aromatic and bitter aftertaste that many people do not favor, but because of its strong antibiotic effect it is one of the most healing type of honey.

Šumski med dobiva se iz medne rose, a ne iz cvjetnog nektara

It is certainly good to know that our chestnut honey has several awards from the quality grading competitions. We collect it on our own estate, on the hill above the village of Kosna near Dvor na Uni in Banovina, where the largest European chestnut forest is located.

Chestnut honey contains a large amount of minerals and pollen and helps with digestive problems, stimulates circulation and balances blood pressure. It is used for almost all illnesses and inflammations, and some use it for oral hygiene because it cleanse teeth better than a toothpaste.

5. Linden honey – ideal to treat cold and flu

Linen honey is a pure, almost transparent, of golden yellow color, with a specific scent and conspicuous aftertaste.

It is recommended to use it during the times of cold, flu and viruses as it stimulates the toxic clearance from the body. Because it stimulates sweating and speeds up the heart, it is not recommended for heart condition patients or those suffering from cardiovascular problems.

6. Rapeseed honey – cleans your liver

Rapeseed honey has a light yellow colour and contains a large number of floral pollen. It is special because it crystallizes immediately after the honey extraction. Its consistency is given by its fine crystals.
It is known for cleansing the liver and regulating the level of fatty acids in the body.

7. Sunflower honey – excellent for heart condition patients and the elderly

Sunflower honey has a specific yellow-orange color, with a specific aftertaste and scent. Because of the high concentrations of flower powder and minerals, sunflower honey belongs to the most appreciated honey type, it crystallizes very fast.

It is recommended for heart patients, elders and children. It is a natural product for treating all kinds of inflammation, accelerating wound healing, and is especially recommended for breathing problems, throat infection and sinusitis.

8. Sage honey – for respiratory diseases

Sage honey is most often dark-yellow to greenish, has a mildly bitter-aromatic aftertaste and a specific scent. This honey is extremely appreciated for healing the respiratory system diseases and is an excellent remedy against bronchitis and cough because it stimulates expectoration. It regulates appetite and has a beneficial effect on the organism.

9. Amorpha fructicosa honey – for raising energy,

Amorpha fruticosa honey or false indigo- bush honey has a specific reddish colour, mild scent and flavor. Its structure is very similar to acacia honey, appreciated and popular because it crystallizes slowly.

Amorpha fruticosa honey is a honey from a natural pasture because amorphous is freely grown in nature, and our bees are collecting this honey in the largest swamp – Lonjsko polje.

Darker colour of honey indicates the richness of mineral ingredients that supplies body with the energy, which is why Amorpha fructicosa honey is highly recommended when the body is exhausted and for raising energy at the end of a hard day.

10. Heather (Calluna) Honey – for rheumatic pain and gout

Heather honey has dark-yellow colour, mild taste and children like it. It is highly valued because it has been collected from unpolluted meadows and plateaus in the Lika and Primorje area.

It is especially recommended for rheumatic diseases, gout and urinary tract diseases.

Now you know the basic differences between all types of honey produced by Family Beekeeping Veber and you are ready to purchase. You are invited to visit our web shop and see our diverse selection of honey and other honey products.

We might be a small family business, but this is the reason why we produce such high quality honey jar products.


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