Honey and garlic

The combination of garlic and honey is perfect for preventing a cold and for regulating overweight

In these dark, rainy and chilly days, when our organism is susceptible to colds and various diseases, we need something powerful, effective and natural. One of our favorite magical preparations is a combination of garlic and honey. A perfect recipe that, as it is said, will bring the dead to life. We have inherited this recipe from our grandmothers and now we share it with you.

The reason is very simple – we want you to be healthy. Thanks to its antibacterial characteristics, this combination improves our immune system and stops harmful bacteria and viruses before they severely harm us.

Why is garlic so useful for our health?

Garlic and honey are among the most popular natural remedies. Garlic is used since ancient times to treat various ailments. The Romans used it for stomach problems, and the Chinese as a solution to breathing disorders.

The secret of garlic lies in the chemical alicyclic compound that is released when consuming this precious plant. Allicin has antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties, which means it protects us from fungi, viruses and bacteria.

However, the problem arises when we do not use garlic in its natural form, but fry, bake or otherwise prepare it in food. Although garlic as a spice gives a peculiar and irreplaceable flavor to food, yet for our health it is better to eat it raw.

Delicious and healthy preparations of garlic and honey

Well, we have to agree with you that eating raw garlic is not delicious at all. To many of us the idea of eating raw garlic certainly does not sound delicious. Not to mention the inevitable bad breath. So, it’s time to turn to something sweet and is there anything sweeter than honey?!

The combination of garlic and honey is actually perfect. Besides being delicious, this combination brings the greatest health benefits. Honey reduces the intense aroma of garlic, which allows us to consume it without fear of any side effects.

A spoon of crushed garlic with honey helps to lose weight

Honey and garlic will not only help you treat the flu! It’s enough to crush or cut two to three garlic cloves, leave them for a few minutes to release allicin and then mix them with the spoon of honey. Why? Because this preparation helps losing weight! Yes, you got it correct!

For the best effect, use this combination in the morning on an empty stomach. You will improve digestion and lose fat around the waist that has accumulated there for years. Spoon of honey and garlic removes toxins from your body, boosts metabolism, creates a sense of satiety and pleasure and provides enough energy for the beginning of the day.

The best kind of honey with garlic for a particular health problem

Well, let’s go back to the beginning of our story. You must have wondered how our grandmothers made this magical preparation. To prepare a mixture that will last for several weeks, you need more garlic, about ten cloves, put in a 300 grams jar and cover it with the honey. Close the jar and leave it at room temperature. In a few days, garlic will drop off its benefits.

For this preparation you can use various types of honey depending on your health problem.

  • Flower honey and linden honey are the best weapon against allergies and colds. In a mixture with garlic it will raise your immune system to the highest level.
  • Acacia honey and sage honey are ideal for those with cough problems. For its prevention use honey with garlic. At the same time, you can prevent diseases that occur after cold, such as bronchitis or pneumonia.
  • Forest honey is used by people with digestive disorders because they are rich with amino acids, minerals and probiotics. Since garlic works great for digestion, this combination is perfect for anyone suffering from flatulence or cramping.
  • Chestnut honey brings your blood pressure to balance. The vascular system is also aided by garlic, which reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels, as well as fat in the blood.
  • Heather honey is recommended for those suffering from urinary tract infections. If you combine it with garlic, you can reduce the pain caused by these health problems.


Garlic and honey are even better with apple cider vinegar and ginger

Although simple, to some people these preparations may be too strong, so we suggest adding several other ingredients to mixture of honey. You can, for example, crash garlic in a blender and use only its juice that you drink in a teaspoon of honey.  Drink a glass of water after that.

You can combine garlic juice with honey and apple cider vinegar. Add to it ginger juice. Another option is to crash two garlic cloves in a hot cup of water and strain it. You will get a hot tea that perfectly matches the honey.

There are countless number of combinations of honey and garlic! Of course, it is up to you to choose the one that suits you the best.

Check out our diverse range of honey, honey blends mixed with garlic and start the battle th diseases, that you will, along with this mixture of honey and garlic, easily beat.



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