3 generations of bee keeping in the Veber family

Family bee keeping Veber is a family business for 3 generations now. We have been breeding bees and producing honey and other bee sourced products for many years. Through different phases of production all of our family members are involved and together we are trying to create the best products as we strive to our goal - offering our customers healthy and natural products of the highest quality - without compromises.

Aside from breeding bees, we have spent years perfecting different products, honey mixtures and bee sourced preparations that are beneficial for health. Different combinations were created based on folk medicine and modern medicine, pharmacology and technological production.

Today we are bee keeping over 300 bee communities in a nomadic and stationary apiary. We produce over 15 tons of many kinds of honey, propolis, pollen and royal jelly. Our vision of the future is a continued improvement of the quality of our products and secure ourselves as our clients most trusted partner. Satisfaction our clients is what gives us the right to hope, we are good and successful in what we do.

Innovative products: we have a wide spectre of innovative and functional products based on honey and other bee products beneficial for health.
Direct sales: Our products sold directly to our final customers at our web shop, our own stands and fairs without the mediation of other parties
Available for help: Individual approach to every customer and available for help and advice at any moment
Our own resources: When producing we use exclusively our own resources received from our hives, apiaries
Awarded in many occasions: Awarded many times for a highly supervised and eco-friendly quality

Over 10 000

customers in Croatia and abroad have tried our products.

Over 85%

customers are content or very satisfied with our products.

Over 60%

customers returned to shop again.

Over 45%

are our loyal customers regularly using our products.

Christine Schneider, Austria

Schnelle Lieferung, sehr gut verpackt, der Honig schmeckt hervorragend, ich bin sehr zufrieden.

Gordana Jelenić, Pula

"I am very satisfied with Honey Veber product, and I've tried them all. Revital komplex with Royal Jelly is fantastic. Keep up the good work."

Sanja Katalinić, Opatija

"We were very happy with Immunohoney. We definitely recommend it."
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