Perga, also known as bee bread, is a fermented pollen that has been processed and enriched by bees with their enzymes and other high-value substances.
This bee product is extremely rich in valuable substances and is increasingly referred to as something that is tremendously healthy.


It is the most effective natural remedy for prostate problems and Heliobacteria.  We all deserve to be healthy and in good shape, and this excellent product enables us to do so because, in addition to the above, it is excellent for boosting the body’s immunity and its condition in general.
Propolis, perga and pollen are bee products that are at the very top of the pyramid in quality and high-value effects.

Both products improve immunity and contribute to a better state of the body.  Propolis protects the body and is also called the Natural Antibiotic, while pollen works to improve blood count, restore strength and concentration.

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