20 health problems soothed by honey

Since the discovery of honey, humans have recognized that golden liquid as a cure.

Honey was used to combat many diseases since the dawn of western civilization, in places like Egypt, Greece and Rome.

med u staklenkama

But honey has a tradition of use in eastern medicine– also in Chinese medicine, and in the folk medicine of India – Ayurveda, being applied for thousands of years.

Ancient doctors have observed the effects of honey on health through specific cases of diseases being cured.

Today the antibacterial and antifungal effect of the treasure of bees is not only known but proven.

If we mix honey with certain plants, fruits and other food, its effect will be stronger and the healing process will be amplified.

Thus we are able to fight many ailments as dry, inflamed throats, colds and toothaches using something found in our kitchen cupboards.

There are countless diseases and conditions with which honey or honey mixtures can help.

We have set aside 20 beneficial products for 20 boring health issues.

1. Sore throat and flu

Try this recipe for a syrup of honey and lemon to relieve symptoms of sore throat or flu.



With the above mentioned ingredients you need a jar. Slice the lemon to fit in the jar more easily. Put half of the sliced lemon, spices, herbs and honey in a jar and mix carefully. Repeat the procedure with the other half of the ingredients. When needed fill up with honey. Close the jar and leave it in the refrigerator for four hours then stir the juice released by the lemon again. This syrup can be stored in the refrigerator for 45 to 60 days.

The recommended ratio is ¾ of the jar filled with lemon, herbs and spices and ½ or a whole cup of honey.

This combination of honey, lemon and spices will help you with a sore throat and flu. Herbs and spices help with inflammations, and the honey soothes the throat and helps battle bacteria.

2. Cold

To cure a cold this combination of honey, grated lemon peel and sliced lemon, is confirmed to be a healthy preparation. We continue with the recipe.



Pour a cup of honey in a baking tray and add a spoonful of fresh grated lemon peel. For a more intense flavor add a couple of slices of lemon. Put the tray in the oven for 10 minutes at a temperature of 50 degrees. After you heat the mixture, a couple of days or a week can pass before the first consummation. Keep in mind that the longer you leave the mixture to settle, the more intense the flavor you get.

Burnt honey doesn’t t release an unpleasant smell like other burnt foods, but this you want to avoid. If you will be able to prepare this mixture it will surely help relieve the symptoms of a cold.

3. Weak immunity

You can mix cinnamon and honey yourself or simply order our Cinnamon propolis honey and circumvent the procedure of preparing it. When you add herbs and spices to the honey it gains a special quality that increases the medical benefits and its effectiveness. Regular consumption increases the resilience of the organism and strengthens the immunity.

To strengthen your immunity you can also try our “Imunomed”, you will not regret it.

4. Stomachache

Baking this ginger and honey preparation will solve your stomach aches.


● 1 cup of Beekeeping Veber honey

● 1 spoonful of ginger chopped into small pieces

● pinch of ground ginger (as needed)


Add a cup of honey and a spoonful of chopped ginger. If needed, add ground ginger to increase the richness of taste and put it in the heated oven. Let this mixture bake for 10 minutes at 50 degrees. When done, leave it for a couple of hours or a couple of weeks in a tightly sealed jar.

Add this mixture to a cup of tea to relieve stomach aches. Honey and ginger are known for their soothing effects when dealing with inflamed stomachs. Adding ginger increases the blood flow, thus expelling toxins from the body. If you want to improve your immunity our honey mixture of Ginger, honey and lemon will surely be helpful.

5. Toothaches

A toothache could be the most unpleasant physical pain that we can feel. Combine honey and clove slowly cooking the mixture and enjoy the benefits.


● 1 cup of Beekeeping Veber Honey

● 5-10 whole cloves


Pour a cup of honey and 5-10 whole cloves into a small pot. Cook at 50 degrees for 10 minutes and leave it for a couple of hours or even up to two weeks. As time passes the flavors become more intense. When ready to be used, the mixture can be attained.

This combination is surely helpful with a toothache. Eugenol in the clove has relaxing effects and was used in stomatology before the analgesics where found. Cloves relieve the pain caused by cuts in the oral cavity, and the honey will speed up the healing and remove bad bacteria.

6. Dry, cracked heels

Dry and cracked heels are a very common problem that can vary in severity from a cosmetic that is aesthetic to a painful problem. Nutritive honey balm is a homemade mixture that can help you.


● 1 cup of Beekeeping Veber honey

● 1-2 spoonful of milk

● Juice from a half or a whole orange

Gdje god otišli, pčelinji melem uvijek ponesite sa sobom!


Warmed up honey put in a jar and mix it with a spoon or two of milk and add juice from half or a whole orange.

This cream can stay in fridge up to one month. Before using it, warm it up to be able to spread it easily. Milk is reach in Vitamin A responsible for the skin renewal and orange helps with the dry skin.

Or order just our Bee Balm.

7. Dry skin

If you have a problem with dry and cracked skin this recipe for a peeling made of honey and brown sugar is the solution to your problem.


  • 2 ¼ cup of brown sugar

  • ½ cup of olive oil

  • ¼ cup of honey Beekeeping Veber

  • 1 spoon vanilla

  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon (as many as you like)


Mix those ingredients and close it firmly.

This peeling will nourish your skin – the texture of brown sugar is excellent for remove dead skin cells and dry skin. A very cheap but nevertheless efficient peeling will amaze you with its results.

8. Acne

Honey and yoghurt face mask is a very simple mixture that you can make at home. All you need is to follow this recipe.


  • 1 teaspoon yoghurt

  • 1 teaspoon of Beekeeping Veber honey (Acacia honey)

  • 1 spoon of finely chopped hazelnuts

  • 4-5 drops of olive oil


Well mixed preparation gently apply in circles on your face without rubbing in. leave it for minutes and then rinse with warm water.

Yogurt is rich in probiotics sooths all inflammations processes even normalizing the pH factor. Combined with honey your mask will enhance the prevention of new acne breakouts.

(If you have problems with greasy skin put 4-5 lemon drops instead of olive oil)

9. Sore muscles

This sweet and refreshing drink made of honey and coconut water take after physical effort because it will relax your muscles.


  • ¼ cup of fresh lemon

  • ¼ cup of fresh lime juice

  • 1 ½ – 2 cups of coconut water

  • Pinch of sea salt

  • 2 spoons of Beekeeping Veber honey


Blend these ingredients until the honey is melted. Pore this drink into a high glass and add some ice cubes and enjoy.

This drink helps to balance the electrolytes in your body during or after physical effort. It is ideal for sportsmen and amateurs who exercise for 30 minutes a day.

10. Losing weight

3/4 of Croats and 1/2 of Croatian women is obese according to the research of WHO .

This warm drink made of lemon and honey helps losing weight.



Squeeze a lemon and add 2 spoons of honey. Pore some hot but not boiling water over it. This warm drink is recommended to have once a day in the morning on empty stomach. Combination of honey and lemon is proved to be a helper when losing weight and to detox the body. Overweight has a severe impact on your health, like high blood pressure, aching bones, liver damage and diabetes. This drink is really easy to make and helps you to fight the obesity and decrease the possibility to get some severe health problems.

11. High cholesterol

If you fight with high cholesterol maybe your salvation is a warm drink made of honey and apple cider vinegar.

Dodajte med u sok od naranče i zaobiđite stres



3 dcl hot water mix with 5-10 drops of apple cider vinegar and 2 spoons of honey and stir it well.

Drink it every morning on an empty stomach and if the ancient Indian recipe is true the level of cholesterol in the body will get normal. Ayurveda is a whole medicine system coming from India and goes back to 3500 years, and this is just one of their recipe.

Warm drink mad of honey and fresh ginger is one of those drinks that help combined with honey helps with health issues. This drink is soothing inflamed sinuses.


  • 1 spoon of Beekeeping Veber honey (sage or linden)

  • 1 spoon of fresh squeezed ginger juice


Ground ginger and squeeze it to have a spoonful.
Prepare this combination 2 to 3 times a day.

If you sinuses are inflamed or blocked this drink is the right cure for it. It is easy to prepare and efficient. We recommend sage or linden honey.

13. Anxiety and nervousness

You must have squeezed an orange many times. Did you know that the juice of an orange mixed with honey helps with anxiety, the rising problem in the world as well as in Croatia?



Squeeze an orange into a cup and add 1 spoon bastardindigo or sunflower honey. We recommend to drink it twice a day.

Tiredness, exhaustion and anxiety are common symptoms of present days. Orange helps these symptoms because of its calming effects. Mixed with bastardindigo or sunflower honey it is an excellent combination to fight against anxiety. Oils contained in all citrus fruits as well in oranges, improve the concentration.

14. Quitting smoking

To quit smoking put half a spoon sage honey on pineapple cubes and eat them before smoking.

Pineapple contains vitamin C which helps those who decided to quit smoking. Combination of honey and pineapple helps you to control your craving for cigarettes.

15. Bad breath

You have bad breath and have to go to a meeting? Make your own mouthwash, mix honey and cinnamon and your problem is gone.



Put juice of 2 lemons half a spoon cinnamon, half or whole spoon baking soda and 1 ½ spoon honey into a jar which can be hermetically sealed. Pore a cup of warm water over it so the honey can melt and stir everything very well.

When you feel it is time for a fresh breath take half a spoon of this mouthwash and gargle your throat and mouth for a minute. Lemon juice has a refreshing scent and honey improves the taste. Baking soda eliminates bad bacteria and whitens teeth, cinnamon fights bacteria who are the source for bad breath.

If you do not have time to prepare these simple preparations you can always order your favorite honey mixture in our web shop and we are going to deliver it throughout Croatia and the whole EU.

Maybe the following 5 solutions are just for your problems.

16. Lack of concentration and low endurance

Our honey mixture Revital complex with Gelee Royal improves concentration and mental fatigue also increases endurance activity and stamina.

17. Gastric and digestive problems

Chestnut honey is good for digestive problems (stomach, liver, bile, duodenum). It is recommended for stomach ulcer, hepatitis, bacteria in the urethra, as well as heartburn, flatulence and stomach acid and stomach pain.

Real chestnut honey is pungent, slightly bitter and has a specific smell and aroma. It is one of the most appreciated honeys of all.

18. Iron deficiency, anemia

Forest honey – Honeydew honey is proven to improve the blood count and level of iron in the blood. It is special because of the fact that it is the only honey which is not gained from the blossoms but from the honeydew in specific weather conditions.  It has a dark color and a special aroma and smell. Rich with minerals so it is recommended for anemic people, children, pregnant women and athletes. In general it is an energy and vitality booster. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and it helps with severe infections like pneumonia. Forest honey is one of the most quality honey in the world. 

19. Propolis – natural antibiotic

Propolis is one of the wise cures of the nature which kills everything that is bothering the healthy organism. Specificity of propolis is the fact that bacteria do not create resistance to it and it has no harmful side effects, which is a flaw of synthetic antibiotics. Propolis contains more than 200 components (vegetable pitch, balm, wax, pollen, organic acid, polyphenol, mineral, vitamin, terpene, flavonoid…). Pharmacological are the most important flavonoids. Flavonoids are plant secondary metabolites having a protective role in plants. Flavonoids have therapeutic effect like for example antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti- tumor.

20. Prostate illness

Pollen – flower pollen is the best source of proteins, important vitamins and minerals. Pollen is the most perfect food which can be found in the nature.
Contains 5-7 times more protein than meat. Pollen is a
natural cure for treating the prostate illness and is a product for strengthen the immunity.

It is best absorbed and used if it is dissolved in lactic acids (yogurt, milk, acidophil, kefir.) and mixed with honey, accordingly it is recommended to do so.

We hope you have found the product you have been looking for and discovered some new benefits of honey and the rest of bee products.

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