Be healthy and skinny with the help of an irresistible combination of cinnamon and honey


Cinnamon and honey are enough to stay healthy this fall and winter, and you can even lose a few extra kilograms!  You don’t trust us? Check the health benefits that this sweet, unrivaled, combination hides.

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Cinnamon is certainly one of the oldest known spices. It comes from a bark of cinnamon tree that origin in Sri Lanka, India, Burma and Bangladesh. On the other hand, honey is the most famous product of hardworking bees. By combining those two, we have gained the most natural and the healthiest cure for our organism.


Five ways how cinnamon and honey help our health

Although each ingredient has a major impact on improving our health, the best results are achieved when we combine them. Their mixture gives you a delicious cinnamon honey that you can drink in water, tea, milk or combine it with other fruits to prepare delicious smoothies. Of course, you can always reach the jar with a spoon!

Cinnamon and honey have a high nutritional value and are rich in vitamins and minerals. Of the many health benefits that a cinnamon and honey bring to our body, we have distinguished five of the most important:

  1. Cinnamon honey to boost the immune system

Everyday use of cinnamon honey, for example in tea or water, efficiently boosts the immune system. The body is successfully protected from pathogens that can harm you. Due to their antibacterial properties, you will not be so easily affected by colds and flu.

  1. Two teaspoons of cinnamon honey before having a meal eliminates gastrointestinal disorders

If you take two teaspoons of cinnamon honey before having a meal, you will reduce the level of gastric acid and all the problems that it can cause. For bad digestion, abdominal nervousness, flatulence and bad breath you will be able to say – once upon a time.

  1. Cinnamon and honey cream for the treatment of arthritis

Our advice is to put some natural cream that you can make by mixing honey and cinnamon, to the inflamed area. With a gentle massage the pain will decrease. A daily consumption of tea with cinnamon honey will also help.

  1. Honey spread with cinnamon for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases

Protect your body from heart attack and heart disease. Long-term consumption of cinnamon and honey protects your vascular system, because it reduces the level of cholesterol. The honey can be served on bread cuts and sprinkled with cinnamon, in case you don’t like it in drinks.

  1. Cinnamon honey dissolved in water treats urinary tract infections

Anyone who has at least once, struggled with the urinary tract infection knows how hard it is to get rid of these infections. Nevertheless, before setting for antibiotics, try a combination of hot water, cinnamon and honey. The results will not be missing!

Weight loss with cinnamon and honey? Even this is possible!

The before mentioned benefits are enough for you to include cinnamon and honey in your food, right? But you will love this combination for another reason – weight loss.

In a glass of water, mix a teaspoon of honey with half a teaspoon of cinnamon and boil the mixture. Drink it in the morning, half an hour before breakfast and in the evening before bedtime. For the same effect you can use cinnamon honey that regulates the level of fat and blood sugar, and is also suitable for diabetics.

The sense of satiety after its consumption will enable you not to overeat or to reach out for unhealthy snacks.

From our offer; choose cinnamon honey with propolis that will make your body resilient and healthy and help you resolve gastrointestinal disorders, heart problems, skin infections and no less important – unwanted kilograms!


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