Aronia – the world’s healthiest berry (all about organic Aronia berry juice and honey with Aronia berries)

Aronia – the world’s healthiest berry (all about organic Aronia berry juice and honey with Aronia berries)

We all have heard of benefits that Aronia brings to our organism. Because of its exceptionally useful and healthful berries this bush shaped plant has been declared as the healthiest in the world. But what is the relationship between honey and Aronia? Is this overwhelming combination safe to consume?

Aronia is exceptionally useful to the human body and has no health risk.

Aronia is a plant from a Rosaceae (the rose) family originating from North America. There are several types that differ in the color of the fruit. The most notable is the Black Aronia (Aronia melanocarpa), which has been growing for years in our area. Its average height is one meter and has white flowers. Initially red fruit becomes black during its ripening. Black Aronia is quite resistant and can withstand very low temperatures. It is pollinated by the wind and bees.

It is not easy to list all health benefits of Aronia for our body. Its fruits have a rich nutritional value, they are rich in fiber and have the highest antioxidants level, more than any other fruits. Due to these characteristics, regular consumption of Aronia improves the functioning of the bloodstream system and circulation, reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, has positive effect on the intestinal and urinary system, protects our body against inflammation and boosts the immune system. Its consumption does not cause any health risk.

Wide use of Aronia berries

The fruits of the Black Aronia come as berries and have a slightly acidic taste. Although they can be eaten fresh, but because of its sour taste most people prefer to eat them in a processed form. The unique taste that Aronia provokes in our mouth has enabled it to be widely used in culinary.

Lots of products can be made by combining them with Aronia. A special taste is obtained when mixed with other fruits, so jams, juices and teas are the most commonly used food and drinks with Aronia. It can be used as a natural food colors or as a spice. Used for making compotes, it is added to various drinks and dairy products. It’s been used for sauces, pies, cakes and various other treats.


Pure nature in the organic Aronia berry juice

One of the most famous products derived from Aronia is the pure juice. A completely natural liquid is obtained by cold pressing of the Aronia immediately after harvesting. There are no preservatives, additives, aromas or other supplements in the juice.

This process preserves all the nutritional values of the fruit and achieves the greatest benefit of Aronia for our health. Since the product is low in calories, it is suitable for people with diabetes or weight problems.

We have a pure Aronia juice in our offer. It is 100 percent Aronia fruit juice, without water, sugar and preservatives. It has been obtained from organic farmed Aronia berries and processed by us.

A combination of honey and Aronia for the best health effect

The irresistible combination of Aronia and honey, rich in healing features, has the greatest effect on our health. Honey enhances the effectiveness of herbal products it is mixed with, so it is best to combine organic Aronia berry juice with various honey types.

The result is a food, rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Vitamin C effectively solves harmful viruses and bacteria, while flavonoids from the honey reduces the risk of cancer. The product can be used by people suffering from intestinal problems, having thyroid or blood pressure problems. It also improves memory and concentration, and is also suitable for children.

Our offer includes acacia honey with Aronia and propolis. Propolis is used for treatment of various diseases and acts as a natural anesthetic, antiseptic, antibiotic and antioxidant. Using this combination of healthy and natural products, you will get rid of all the parasites that can threaten your body.


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