What should you know about honey?

Honey is used in gastronomy in many ways as an irreplaceable natural sweetener to different meals, sauces and cakes. Honey is the basic part of many cookbooks around the world as a basis for tasty creams, smoothies, shakes and toppings.

A teaspoon of honey has only 22 calories, it is of the medium hypoglycaemic index and a superb source of simple carbohydrates glucose and fructose that are great easily digestible. Honey can also be very useful with weight loss! Although a sweetener, honey drives metabolic changes that reduce the desire for sweet foods and helps digestion of fats during the night.


Honey binds and retains moisture, so that your cakes stay fresh for longer if you use honey to prepare them. When using honey for cakes you should think of this:

  • Observing the high fructose percentage, honey is sweeter than white sugar so less is needed
  • Bake at lower temperatures to prevent the products from blushing
  • Reduce the amount of liquids by one fourth of the amount of honey added
  • Mild flower honey can be used in all kinds of cakes
  • Heather honey is a great supplement to creams of a rich flavour
  • Use the honey of acacia for the best gingerbread

„If you still haven’t, try mustard mixed with honey to get a mustard of a unique taste, yoghurt with honey and apples to get a sweet and refreshing treat, or mixed with low fat cheese in which you can add pear for a tasty cream.“

  • Some ideas for a better start of your day:

Coffee or tea: Hot or cold coffee or tea taste better when sweetened with honey
Wheat: A spoon of honey with warm milk and wheat creates a healthy and full breakfast as does a spoon of honey in yoghurt.
Fresh food: for a refreshing start of the day prepare any fruit added with a spoon of honey you put into yoghurt.
A slice of bread or pastry: Warm bread, pastry or cake covered with honey alongside a glass of fresh milk makes a charming taste and a healthy start of the day.


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