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The table beeswax candle-100g


The tablle beeswax candle is used for church celebrations, baptisms, first communions and confirmations, Easter and Christmas celebrations and other occasions. Beeswax candles are healthy and natural. Our beeswax comes directly from beekeepers and their own bees that visit fields of meadow flowers, acacia and chestnut forests and other pastures in the environment. The wax has a delicate shade of yellow and a precious honey cent. The color and scent were created by our bees and we have not redesigned or added anything to our candles. We offer only what nature and our valuable bees have given us.

pcelinji- vosak

100% Natural Beeswax



The table beeswax candle-100g

3,45  VAT incl.25,99 HRK

Crkvena svijeća-Svijeća od voska-Voštanica-Svijeća za krizmu-Svijeća za krštenje-Uskrsna svijeća
The table beeswax candle-100g

Manufacturer Pčelarstvo Veber, Kvarnerska 17, 35000 Slav.Brod, Croatia
Origins: Republic of Croatia, Slavonia region

Storage method : Store in a dry and dark place. Out of reach of sunlight and heat sources. Do not leave a lighted candle unattended and keep it out of the reach of children.

Burning time : 15-20 hours (1 candle 100 g)

Dimensions : Weight 100 g, Width 25 mm, Height 245 mm

The table beeswax candle-100g

Warning: Keep out of reach of children
Products : Pčelarstvo Veber, Kvarnerska 17, 35000, Slav.Brod, Croatia

Country of origin : Republic of Croatia.
Shelf life : Unlimited