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Pollen- the best source of protein, important vitamins and minerals. Pollen is the most perfect food found in nature. Pollen contains 5 to 7 times more proteins than meat. A perfect source of vitamins, minerals (contains 28 minerals) and amino acids. Out of the existing 22 amino acids all of them were found in pollen. It also contains many enzymes that are crucial for digestion. Such a richness of nutritious matter is not found in any other product. Pollen is a natural cure for allergies and prostate ailments as well as a fortifier of the immune system.

Pollen is best absorbed when melted in milk acids (yoghurt, milk, acidophilus, milk kefir) with vitamin C (granulated vitamin drink, tea with lemon) and mixed with honey, so that is the best way of consumption.

  • Positive effects of pollen:
  • increases fertility
  • increases the leukocyte count, erythrocyte and platelet
  • enhances blood circulation
  • bio-stimulative and regenerative properties (liver)
  • antibacterial effect (Gram negative bacteria) intestine – stomach issues and urine infections (Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Proteus Vulgaris)
  • reduction of triglyceride
  • helps with digestion
  • helps with exhaustion


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Package: 100 g, 200 g, 400 g, 800 g

Use: To be used in yoghurt, honey or melted in lukewarm water or tea with lemon.


Storage: Store in a dry, dark and cold place at up to 8˚C. Keep in the refrigerator after opening.