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The Deluxe Gift Package is one of our most sought-after business gift packages. A carefully arranged and carefully selected Deluxe Gift package is a winner, whether you are giving it to a male or female, a business partner, or it is a gift for a birthday, a celebration or visiting loved ones, relatives and friends. The Deluxe Gift Package contains only domestic and proven products from our production:

  • Bronchial 140g
  • Immunomed 140g
  • Aronia tea in can 100g
  • Beeswax tealights in a Kraft box 6/1
  • Hazelnuts 150g
  • Propolis 10ml
  • Wooden honey spoon


The gift package is suitable for both personal and business gifts and is current throughout the year, especially during the holidays and winter. This gift package has been carefully selected as our top choice for business gifts. It is one of our best selling gift packages and has proven to be a great choice in practice.

Choose attractive gifts that we carefully prepared for you. Each gift comes in a convenient cardboard box with personalization options. Send us your information or a message and we will write your congratulations.

Fast delivery, premium products and a smile on the faces of those to whom you will give them are indispensable!

Business Gifts

In our range of souvenirs and gifts, we can also offer business gifts for corporate customers. Give your customers or business partners something healthy and original.
For companies (companies, handicrafts, souvenir shops, tourist communities, etc.) we offer the possibility to print their logos, advertising texts and advertising slogans on our products.
We have a large selection of products, from individuals that are practical and easy to give away, to gift baskets and gift packs that are arranged and packed as desired.

Why choose business gifts?
You stay in touch with customers – Regardless of where the customers are, in your area or in another country or continent, gifts as small as they are, are always a nice memory.
You different from the competition – you are probably not the only business partner your customer works with, but with a well-chosen gift you can become the most valued.
You strengthen your own brand – Personalized gift ideas that will please the customer can be connected to your company and you.

Personalized access
Packaging options – wooden box, cardboard box, metal box
Decoration options – cellophane, kraft paper, custom labels
Content options – we can make products and packs according to your wishes and suggestions

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Deluxe Gift Package