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It is thought that honey combined with another substance (plant or spice) gains a special quality that increases the therapeutic capabilities of the mixture and acts more efficiently. Cinnamon honey with propolis is a natural medicine for many diseases and the solution to many health issues.

Regular consumption during winter aids the immune system. It is great help for the flu season, as well if you want to lose weight. Daily consumption of this product regulates sugar and fats in the blood, increases metabolism, extends the feeling of satiety and reduces weight by doing so. Helps with digestion – regulates it and reduces bloating, a problem related with weight loss.

“Cinnamon honey with propolis is highly efficient with obesity problems. “

It is suitable for diabetics because it increases insulin sensitivity and regulates sugar levels by doing so.

Cinnamon honey with propolis is a product that has a low glycaemic index, signifying at which speed the sugar blood levels are rising.

Cinnamon honey also helps with:

  • bad breath, fatigue, skin infection, acne
  • digestion, tooth ache, arthritis
  • insects stings and heart disease


Propolis is one of those wise medicines that nature creates as it kills everything that bothers the healthy organism.

Many studies proved that propolis is a natural anaesthetic, antioxidant, antiseptic and antibiotic, that it battles most viruses including the flu. It performs wonderfully against fungus and parasites.

Propolis is special because bacteria do not become resistant to it and there are no harmful side effects, which is a drawback of synthetic antibiotics.

It is used to cure diseases of the ear and mouth cavities. It gives great results in healing and preventing sour and inflamed throats.

Helps with tooth aches, periodontists, bad breath, haemorrhoids, urine infections, blisters and corns, acnes, ulcers, dermatitis and burns. Irreplaceable against coughs. Great for the throat and the larynx.

Propolis is a natural antibiotic that besides the listed ailments increases the organism’s immunity with great effect and improves the overall condition as well as the body’s natural defences.



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Cinnamon honey with propolis 750g


Package: 750 g
Cinnamon honey with propolis 750g

Ingredients: Flower honey96,8 %, Ceylon cinnamon 2%, propolis tincture 1,2%.

Cinnamon honey with propolis 750g

Type of use: Melt the product in your mouth, 3 teaspoons per day.

Cinnamon honey with propolis 750g

Storage: Keep at a safe, dark and cold space. Stir before use.