Souvenirs - flavors of Mediterrain

Souvenirs for turism

The souvenir line of Mediterranean flavors is suitable for sale in tourism as an autochthonous Croatian souvenir by souvenir shops, sales stalls, health food stores and gift shops.

Also in our souvenir and gift offer we also have gifts for business gifts for business partners, clients, customers ..

Business gifts

Give your business partners and customers an original and healthy gift.

For businesses (businesses, crafts, souvenir shops, tourist boards, etc.) we offer the possibility to brand the products by their logo or message.

We offer a wide range of products for businesses – from individual products suitable for one-off and convenient gift giving to ready-made gift baskets and packages – arranged and decorated to fit the occasion.

Personalized approach
Choose packaging options – wooden box, cardboard box, tin box
Choose arranging options – cellophane, kraft paper, personalized stickers

Select Content Options – We are able to make products and packages according to your preferences and suggestions

Wrapping and arranging
We take special care of wrapping and arranging all the gift packages and baskets ordered. Your gift will be completed with a ribbon or colored bow according to the design and appearance of the package and a handwritten card with your personal message.


Why Choose Business Gifts?

* Stay in touch with clients
No matter where your client is, whether it’s down the street to your business or across the country or continent, gifts, even small ones, will be a reminder to you. It’s not a bad idea to be “on your mind” even when you’re not in a meeting or in a correspondence.

* You stand out from the competition
You are probably not the only business partner your client is working with, but with a good selection of gifts, you may find them your favorite. In any case, you will stand out from the rest.

* You are empowering your own brand
A personalized gift that your client will like will automatically connect with you and your business.

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29,86  VAT incl.224,98 HRK
Honey gift basket XL
5.00 out of 5
3,85  VAT incl.29,01 HRK
Gift jar Gastro honey 150g.
29,20  VAT incl.220,01 HRK
Deluxe Gift Package
79,50  VAT incl.598,99 HRK
Poklon paket Slavonija
56,41  VAT incl.425,02 HRK
Poklon paket Grand
5.00 out of 5
8,49  VAT incl.63,97 HRK
Gift jar Honey with figs
7,96  VAT incl.59,97 HRK
Small gift package 2
14,93  VAT incl.112,49 HRK
Gift set Tea and honey
17,92  VAT incl.135,02 HRK
Poklon paket Slatki snovi
14,07  VAT incl.106,01 HRK
Craft gift bag Nature 1
9,03  VAT incl.68,04 HRK
Kraft poklon paket 2
9,95  VAT incl.74,97 HRK
Wooden gift box
5.00 out of 5
10,88  VAT incl.81,98 HRK
Suvenir Škrinjica 4 x 25 g
47,78  VAT incl.360,00 HRK
Poklon paket Rustik
5.00 out of 5
6,64  VAT incl.50,03 HRK
Mali poklončić
19,78  VAT incl.149,03 HRK
Poklon paket limenka